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The value of imported stone goods at Xiamen port was over 1 billion US dollars in the first three quarters of 2017

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From the Xiamen inspection and Quarantine Bureau, we learned that the first three quarters of this year included 18273 batches of inspection and quarantine import stones, weighing 5 million 866 thousand and 500 tons, and the value of goods was 1 billion 32 million US dollars, up 18.96%, 16.11% and 17.81%, respectively. The import stone of Xiamen port has kept steady growth, and it is the largest import stone collecting and distributing place in the country.

Data show that the first three quarters of this year, Xiamen Port imported stone, 12768 batches of imported marble, weighing 3 million 886 thousand and 900 tons, the value of $696 million, an increase of 32.65%, 32.01% and 39.14% respectively; import granite 5505 batch, weighing 1 million 979 thousand and 600 tons, the value of $336 million, down 4.03%, 6.14% and 10.58%. The total amount of imported granite is declining.

Xiamen Port imported stone with marble and granite blocks and semi-finished products, which accounted for 66.26% of imported marble, granite imports accounted for 33.74%. Import stone sources widely, mainly from Turkey, India, Brazil, Italy, Egypt, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Greece, Norway and other more than 70 countries and regions, of which imports from Turkey accounted for 54.46% of all the imported marble marble, granite from India accounted for 50.19% of imported granite.

At present, Xiamen port has the international container and bulk cargo terminal port capacity, the Hong Kong Shenzhen international ocean shore line, route and the near line, route has a dense, 200 thousand ton container ship berthing normalization of the world's largest. There are more than more than 1200 professional stone importing and exporting enterprises in Xiamen, and more than 6000 traditional stone processing factories around them. The proportion of deep processing and high added value products in export is increasing. The export volume of stone exports continues to grow, boosting the steady growth of imported stones.

In order to promote commodity imports, Xiamen inspection and Quarantine Bureau on the one hand through the improvement of inspection and quarantine, quarantine treatment electronic gate supervision system, improve the level of information service and implementation of container and goods from the areas of health and quarantine treatment front, electronic information and quarantine treatment, enhance the port inspection speed. On the other hand, the steady implementation of "comprehensive inspection" supervision mode, optimizing the process, to take centralized inspection and quarantine inspection, batch, batch verification model, shorten the cycle of inspection and quarantine, inspection and supervision improvement, reduce logistics costs, improve the port comprehensive competitiveness.

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