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Daquan stone products in Shandong, China

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Shandong is a large province of stone resources, with many varieties, large reserves, excellent quality, wide distribution and so on. Reserves and varieties are the first spears in the country. There are more than 50 counties and cities in the province that have discovered and developed stone mines. There are more than 110 stone materials, including 80 varieties of granite and 30 varieties of Dali stone. They are divided into six series: red, white, black, green, gray and flower. There are about 40 stone mines in Dali and more than 120 granite and stone mines. The total reserves of granitic stones are more than 28 billion cubic meters, and the total volume of Dali stone is about 3000000000 cubic meters. Today, Xiao Bian will be specific to the stone varieties to share with you the popular natural stone products and producing areas in the markets east of the mountain.

Yantai, Shandong

Laizhou City: Shandong white gold, hemp, cherry red, crystal white jade, Laizhou green, snow white and grey marble

Longkou City: Pearl Flower

Qixia City: Qixia grey

Zhaoyuan: Pearl Flower

Muping District: Muping white

Laiyang City: Shandong sandstone

Haiyang: pomegranate red, Haiyang red, brown drill

Weihai City, Shandong

Wendeng City: Wendeng white, Wendeng red, Wendeng white

Rongcheng City: Shidao red, Royal brown diamond, Amethyst Diamond, Royal rose

Rushan City: Rushan red, Rushan ash

Qingdao City, Shandong

Laixi City: Huang Shayan

Pingdu City: Golden hemp, crystal white jade, cherry red, store ash

Weifang, Shandong

Downtown: Zebra marbles

Qingzhou City: Qingzhou black

Zibo, Shandong

Zibo City: Shandong sandstone


Zhangqiu: Zhangqiu black, Zhang Qiuhui

The calendar: Liu Buhong, Ji'nan Qing

Sunshine in Shandong

Wulian County: five lotus, Wulian red, Wulian ash, piedmont ash, brown drill, seven colored stone, sesame black Shandong sesame ash in Shandong

Juxian: Mengshan flower, red Ju, Shandong gorge red, Shandong red shrimp, green sandstone, sand rock, coffee, sandstone, red sandstone, Shandong.

Arashiyama District: seven colored stones

Linyi, Shandong

Junan County: red sandstone, Yizhou red

Yinan County: Yimeng black

Linshu County: snowflake green, night snow

Pingyi County: general red

Tai'an, Shandong

Xintai: white, grey granite

Dongping County: Gold Coast, Andean landscape, Australian enkephalin marble

Ningyang County: Shandong rust stone, yellow rust stone, white rust stone


Wenshang County: yellow rust stone, white rust stone, yellow star, Jinsha

Surabaya County: Lu ash

Zoucheng: flower green, poinsettia

Jiaxiang County: lapis lazuli, stone carving

Zaozhuang, Shandong

Tengzhou City: China Green

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