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From the 2003 Xiamen Guanghui million stone material limited company is a collection of stone import and export trade, product design. Production. Processing. Sales as one of the diversified enterprise stone.

The company has a number of high-quality management personnel, senior executives have more than 20 years of experience in stone work. From the stone material procurement, construction drawings CAD decomposition and drawings production, all kinds of stone products factory processing, quality inspection of import and export trade to service the entire operation process, has formed a rigorous and responsible professional team. We are in line with the work idea of "excellence, sincere service, meticulous production, accurate design". The company mainly produces building stone products, specializing in the processing of various specifications of the building stone, and the independent undertaking of large building exterior wall and interior decoration engineering. The company's products are sold to domestic markets and dozens of countries and regions in Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia and Europe and America. Guanghui 10000 stone and strive to provide quality products and excellent products for regional distributors major decoration company, and strive to the best suppliers of large engineering.

It is our company's tenet that "business letter is the foundation and invite customers all over the world". Customer satisfaction is the sole standard of our company. We will wait for all customers to come with the spirit of truth-seeking and sincere enthusiasm.


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